My Sunday treat – Masala Chai

I’m sure many of you must have tried Chai Latte (or simply Chai) – a mixture of black tea, spice, milk and sugar – a sensational treat! A lot health conscious people, or people that want to avoid caffeine (like me) would opt for Chai. Marsala from Hindi is the word for “spice” and Chai means “tea”, together we have spiced tea (we’ll just refer it to as Chai)!

I used to think that Chai from cafes are better than those that you can buy in supermarket, but in short NO they are not. I worked in a cafe for a while and the Chai they served were just the Lipton powdered Chai you can grab from the supermarket for cheap, full of additives and artificial flavours, and OMG they sell it for the price of a freshly brewed coffee, what a rip-off. And you may have noticed that some other cafes try to make a more natural Chai tea by brewing fresh black tea leaves with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves – but it’s no better than the powdered Chai. Yes it’s more natural, but no thanks ‘cos it taste so awful. The true flavour of the spices don’t come out if you just soak it in hot water, so what you get is very little flavour of spice, diluted tea with diluted milk – yuck!!

If you live in Sydney, you’re in for a treat! Because we have the BEST Masala Chai – nothing I’ve tried beats it, it’s simply godsend!

Chai store sign

This Masala Chai is cooked with freshly ground spices and fresh ginger in soy milk. It’s so smooth, so rich and has such a lovely aroma, it’s just full of flavour. Just one sip will get you hooked (well I got hooked ^0^)

Me sipping chai

Since I’ve discovered this Chai place 5 weeks ago, I’ve been back every Sunday for my treat, I just cannot get enough of it – you can see how desperate I am after a whole week without it. They also serve iced Chai on hot days, you don’t have to miss out on Chai because a hot drink will make you sweat like a pig =D

The Chai Store

The store is decorated in an indian style, so you know you are getting yourself into some authentic stuff. You can see the owner cooking two big pots of Chai, and my advice is to get there early, otherwise you might miss out!

So now the big question is where to find this lovely store?!?!

The answer is:
The Marrickville Market (Every Sunday)
142 Addison Road
Marrickville NSW

At the market, you’ll see that almost every store owner will have a cup of Chai in their hands. And while queuing up for your cup, you’ll see people coming back for more!

If you are also in for brunch or lunch, grab a Gozleme to go with your Chai, it’s the perfect treat for a Sunday!


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