100 Felt Straps – Japanese Craft Book

There was no way I could resist buying this needle felting book after discovering it in Kinokuniya’s craft section! Vast number of cute projects including fruits, vegetables, tofu, Japanese snacks… etc

100 Felt Straps (ISBN: 9784579112609)

100 Felt Straps - Book Cover

As with all Japanese craft books, all instructions are written in Japanese only, however, the pictures are quite self-explanatory so you don’t have to worry even if you can’t read Japanese.

Only pictures can describe the extent of “cuteness”, so here we go…
“Awwwww!” is the reaction I’m expecting! ^0^

100 Felt Straps - Tomato

100 Felt Straps - Avocado

100 Felt Straps - Yuzu

100 Felt Straps - Carrot

100 Felt Straps - Back Cover

All projects are very inspiring and easy enough for complete beginners.
Definitely one to have on the shelf! 🙂

Hope everyone is having lovely mid-week!^_^

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