A Zippy Challenge

I am ashamed… for not having the courage to try zippers after sewing for half a year now! After some encouragement from my friend Minh, I finally took the challenge! ^0^

Shell pouches

Do you like my shell pouches? I end up making two!

Except that the seams are a bit wiggly when attaching the zippers, I’m quite happy with how they turned out – Puffy & cute!! As a zipper first timer, I probably should have picked a straight opening pouch project, but oh wells 😛

Pouch bottom

I really like how the bottom is finished off! 😀

The small one is a bit tiny, can be used as a coin purse I think, and the bigger pouch is a good size for anything!!

The shell pouches are based off the pattern from this tutorial – instructions are only in Japanese, but the photos are quite self-explanatory!

PS. I thought I’ll take a break from my crochet posts despite my massive obsession! ^0^ Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

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