Another week of My Creative Space

Can’t believe another week just flew by – it’s Thursday again!

Introducing your トフ 兄弟 (Tofu Brothers) in my creative space this week^0^

Needle Felted Tofu Brokers

Tutorial from 100 Felt Straps

I don’t have proper mobile strap strings, so I have to settle with sashiko threads, although very durable, it doesn’t stay rigid >< And I also tried using the clover needle felting tool for the first time – it is awesome!!! It makes needle felting so much faster and safer – I only poked myself like 2-3 times, whereas before I usually poked myself more than 10 times! :p

New Japanese Fabrics

New lovely Japanese fabrics for my creative space which I picked up from Beehive Gallery. Most of their Japanese fabrics are now on sale, hurry in Sydney crafters!:)

More creative spaces here!

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