Ballet Bunny Plush :: Tutorial

Yes yes, I’m alive!!! Can’t believe I haven’t blogged for 2 weeks>< Been busy and then got sick... (and still am) =3 Bunny Bunch

Easter is just around the corner (and to make up for neglecting my blog :p), I’ve prepared this ballet bunny pattern for you^0^

Just look at those Bunny tails!

So here we go…

Step 1


Cut out the head (x2), body (x2) and legs (x4) using this pattern template here.
Only the smallest amount of fabrics are needed, this project is great for using up scraps!

You will also need some stuffing cotton, needle & threads for embroidery.

Step 2

Embroidery Pattern

I have provided the embroidery pattern for the face and arms in the pattern template. What you need to do is to trace the bunny face onto one of the head pieces and the arms onto one of the body pieces. I didn’t provide a pattern for the bunny tail, I’ll leave that to your creativity, you can embroider a swirl like me, or maybe try appliqué!?

Step 3

One of my friend asked me how I did the bunny face, so I would like to show it here for those who wants to know.

Embroidering - outline

First do a running stitch along the outline.

Embroidering - padding

Then fill the inside with random stitches – this is the padding to give it a bit of an embossed look.

mbroidering - satin stitch

Now satin stitch over the pattern.

Bunny Face

Repeat for the other eye and the nose.

Embroidery done!

As for the arms and tail, either running stitch or back stitch would do.

NB! For detailed areas like the face, I think it’s a good idea not to use threads that are too thick. But for running stitches like the arms & tails, thicker threads are better!

Step 4

Attach head to body!

For bunny’s front, place head piece with the face embroidered and body with the arms embroidered right side together – align the bottom of head piece with top of body piece and stitch together. Press seam open.

Do the same for the back head piece and the body piece with the tail.

Step 5

Leg pieces right side together

For the two legs, stitch 2 leg pieces right side together respectively.

Stuff the legs

Stuff the legs with cotton (or rice). I also stitch the leg close, but this is optional.

Step 6

Pin legs to back

Pin legs onto the right side of the back body as shown in the picture above.

Almost there

Place the front body piece over right side together and stitch around (shown by the orange line), leave a gap for turning right side out. I actually stitch the legs in place first before going around, I think it’s easier.

Step 7

Turn inside out and iron.

Step 8

Stuff with cotton, close the gap and you are DONE! 😀

Ballet Bunny Completed

Please let me know if any of the instructions weren’t clear enough!

If you make one, I’d love to see it ^_^
I hope you like my first plush pattern!

Thank you for reading!!

:: FAQ ::

How much do I need to enlarge the pattern by?
There is no need to enlarge the pattern, it’s a small bunny!! The finished bunny measures about 26.5cm in length and 7.5cm in width. But in case you’d like a bigger bunny, you can of course enlarge accordingly!^^

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