Cookie Ken’s Birthday (Present)!!

Today is my boyfriend’s birthday!!

Remember the secret project that I mentioned before, I was actually referring to his birthday present:D (I couldn’t post about it ‘cos he reads my blog!) It wasn’t a big project because I’ve been too busy with work and preparing for my Japanese test>< But I still wanted to make him something, something useful!? So this is what I've made - a passport case - which holds 3 passports!!!! Yup he's got 3 hahaha~ Ken's passport cover - inside

He really likes the frog fabric that I got before, so I decided to use it…

Ken's passport cover

I tried not to make it looking too girly… hehe

Ken's passport cover - initial

I stitched his initial on the front! ^0^

Oh, and I found these really cute printable cards, by Vale Design, to go with the present!! Perfect!!

Printable cards

I wrapped the passport cover nicely with this kissy gift wrapping paper 😛 And I also used the gift tag I posted about a few days ago!

Birthday present ready!


I think that a birthday is incomplete without a birthday cake!! I’d love to make one >< but due to lack of time, I had to buy one. I got this chocolate cake from Bourke Street Bakery - my favourite bakery in Sydney! Birthday cake

Flourless chocolate cake

I wish I’d had more time to prepare his birthday for him… well there’s always next year ^0^

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