Cowl love…

I know it’s been so long since I last blogged, thank you (my lovely readers) for sending me messages demanding an update! And kindly wondering if i’m okay^^

Before anything else, I would like to say Happy Chinese New Year! If you didn’t do so well with you last new start, here’s another chance… “New Chinese Year, New Start!!” ^0^

So what have I been up to….. hmmm.. a lot of travelling, shopping.. and best of all my mum came over and spent a whole month in Japan with me~~~ And she knitted me this lovely brown cowl (top right in the picture below) during her stay, and I love it!!

Neck cowls are everywhere this winter!! And I got a bit crazy and asked her to teach me knitting, the three mini cowls the softies are wearing are proudly hand knitted by me!!!!

I’m not sure if I have mentioned in this blog before that I have a sister! She’s a very fashion sensitive person, and she knitted me the white cowl (upper left in the pic) as a present!!! I’m such a lucky person^^

It might seem that I should have more then enough cowls, but I would like to knit one for myself!!! I’ve always wanted a seedy scarf after seeing one on Minh’s blog, so I asked mum to teach me how! It’s not as hard as I thought, but I keep stuffing it up for some reason and hence the progress is extremely slow! It might be ready by next winter! 😛

I also crocheted this mobile case for my mum~ She recently got a new phone and is looking for a suitable cover! I especially like the strawberry!! By the way, strawberry is in season in Japan right now! I am eating tones!!!

To finish off this long overdue post, how about a picture from my trip to Nara… I love this pic, and seriously deers were everywhere there!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

  • I’m so glad to know about you!! I was wondering too if you would not be sick or something.
    I love your cowls! they’re so cute! I might try to make one too =p . I’m just learning how to knit too! But seems more difficult for me and just like you said, more slooow. Anyway, have a good weekend!!

    ps. Excuse my english =p

  • Love the cowls! I wish that someone that near by me know how to knit and can teach me! Welcome back Jo! You’ve been missed! Xin nian kuai le!!

  • Sara:

    Gorgeous knitting! I’m still learning, slowly… I get quite discouraged when I drop a stitch or get things mucked up. Yours looks beautiful. Also LOVE that strawberry! ^^

    • Jo:

      believe me sara i stuff up so so many times!!
      but it’s also a good way to learn! make mistake, learn to correct it!!! doing that i start to be able to recognise the different stitches!

  • Hi Jo!!!
    Nice to hear from you!!!
    Happy NEW YEAR to you, too!!!
    I’d like to learn crochet, instead!! Your works are so nice!!!
    Have a nice day!

  • hello jo 🙂 glad that you are well. Thanks for updating 🙂 the cowl is so gorgeous!

  • Hi Jo!
    Oh, I LOVE your picture in Nara. It is one of the most beautiful town in Japan and I am so jealous that you were there! Did you eat lots of nice Japanese food too?
    BTW lovely cowl you have there. I keep meaning to make one for myself but never had a chance…
    Also belated happy Chinese New Year to you too 😉

  • It is such a very interesting as well as unique. Nara, you shared such a very best pictures with us, I like first two, such a great.

  • Hi Jo!!
    I’ve heard there was a big earthquake in Tokyo. How are you?
    Is everything ok? I hope so.
    A big hug!

  • Hello jo,

    Hope you’re ok, I have a deep thought for you and people in Japan.
    Take care and I hope to read you soon ^^

  • k:

    blog more jo!^_^

  • Hi! I posted some of your pictures on my blog. I hope you like! Thanks,
    Las Teje y Maneje

  • J:

    Where are you?

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