Crochet baby booties

Crochet baby booties - side view

I used organic cotton yarns for this project! Really like the feel of it!

Crochet baby booties

I don’t have a baby XD
So why baby booties, I don’t know! 😛

  • How sweet! Did you use a pattern?

    • Jo:

      Hi Donna,

      I did use a pattern, I probably should have mentioned it in the post!
      It was a pattern from Okadaya (the craft shop that I post about) for free when I buy their yarns!!

      Craft shops in japan often give out free patterns when you buy craft supplies, but you have to ask for it!^^

      • Catarina Cavaleiro:

        Could you please share the pattern of these, please, please, please!! A friend of mine is going to be a dad soon and I would really like to make one of these for his daughter. Cheers,

  • Oh gosh, how precious are those?

  • Helen:

    I just love those booties and have been looking for a pattern that i like, would you be able to tell me where I could get it, I live in the Uk or send me a copy!
    Thank you
    P.S. I love your blog!

  • So cute! Would you make an adult pair? It might be nice for the winter in Japan. I love the button you used for the little booties.. Have a great day~

  • Yan:

    hehe they are so cute!!!!

  • Hi Jo!
    OMG, it’s sooooooo cute!! Baby crochet and knitting is so fun even if you don’t have one, hehe 😉
    I am in the middle of creating something for my baby niece, but I must do it quickly otherwise she grows out of it 😀

  • sue:

    This refers to the speedball lino cutting lesson from a year ago (which is excellent, by the way). I have just opened my speedball cutter assortment set and tried to change blades and can’t figure out how to fit it all back together! Any tips? What goes where, and how do you hold one piece in place while you slip in another?

  • Hey Jo,

    I just realized your blog is active now! Yay! So happy! Also I am glad that you have a sewing machine now;)
    If you want to buy fabric, going to Nippori is the best and cleaver choice. There is a sale in next week at Tomato in Nippori;)

    By the way, I love your crochet work! The little booties are so sweet!

  • Hi
    I just love those booties and have been looking for a pattern that i like, would you be able to tell me where I could get it, I live in the Croatia or send me a copy!
    Thank you

  • Eva G.:

    Me too! Love these booties and would love to know if its possible to get the by email.

  • Well, the last one pair is such a very beautiful. I want to buy one, Great and best photographs you shared with us.

  • Larisa:

    I love the booties, I would love to try to make them. Any chance you still have the pattern?

  • Hi, these are so beautiful! I am expecting and would love to make something like this for my little one. Do you still have the pattern that you can share? I’d love to go to a Japan yarn shop, but I live in the states!

  • crochet mama:

    These are so cute! Anyway I can get the pattern? I wouod love to make these for my little guy.

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