Fabric shopping spree!!

Hong Kong is known as the Shoppers’ Paradise – I’ll say the Sham Shui Po district is a Crafters’ Paradise!!! I dragged my mum along and spent a good whole day there.

We went through shops after shops, some designated for buttons, zippers, laces & ribbons, fabrics, threads, beads – all selling at ridiculously LOW price! We got home with 2 huge (and heavy) bags full of lovely goodies:

Plain fabrics

Plain fabrics~
From left: homespun, linen, indian silk

Patterned fabrics

Some checks, dots & stripes~

Light weight fabrics

Light weight fabrics – i might try making scarves:)

Other fabrics:)

More yummy fabrics^_^


Over 20 zippers – only HKD$12!!

Laces & Cotton tapes

A box full of laces and cotton tapes
I think I got a bit out of control :p

Embriodery threads

Some colourful embriodery threads!

My shoulders suffered for two days afterwards>< But it was all worth it!!! If you are a serious fabric & craft addict, and have the chance to travel to HK, then you have to visit Sham Shui Po, especially along Yu Chau Sreet and Ki Lung Street - get off the MTR at the Sham Shui Po Station (Exit B) - you won't be disappointed!! However don't expect to see a lot of high end stores - the district is quite old and most shops have poor interior - some are even on-the-street stalls. Fabric stores are barely navigable without knocking down a roll or two, but this is part of the fun of bargain hunting^0^ I think I might start a Fabrics & Crafts Shopping guide ^_^ some time... hehe

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  • Yan:

    omg!!!! lots of cute fabric patterns!!!!!!
    I must go there when I go to HK!!! hehe
    btw Merry Christmas!!!! sorrry its a day late 😛

  • theresa:

    I love HK for fabrics ^_^

    I didn’t realise Sham Shui Po had fabric shops – thats good to know.

    I don’t live in HK but i do visit family and friends often and I love going to the New Territories.

    My insider tip for fabric + craft addicts (*puts hand up*) is go to Sheung Shui. There are some ye olde worlde fabric shops run by ancient ladies in pyjama suits. They sell retro fabrics including the famous Chinese wedding fabric print. I snapped up so much at HK$15 per metre… I had to lug it all home in 38c… was so worth it. I’ve made gorgeous shoppers from them.

    Your blog’s great – I’m going to follow it.


    • Jo:

      Hi Teresa,

      Thanks for dropping by:) I never knew about Sheung Shui, my family live in the new territories as well so Sheung Shui is quite close to me!! I might go there next time I visit HK as I’m running out of time this trip :p

      Most fabrics I got from Sham Shui Po are $15 per metre as well, the most expensive ones go up to $30 tho – you might find something different from the shops in Sheung Shui!!

      • theresa:

        The New Territories rocks – I come from a small village called Ho Sheung Heung.

        Yuen Long, Tai Po and Tsuen Wan also have lots of hidden treasures – retro buttons, plastic charms, etc. The old ah-por gave me an odd look when i scooped up all their plastic buttons which had probably been sitting there for ages!

        I live in Dubai now and we have lots of brilliant fabrics come through: all at a standard $15 per yard.

        Too much fabric not enough time!

        • Jo:

          I’ve never visited dubai>< I'd love to visit some day!! Lucky you can get cheap fabrics there, I live in Sydney and fabrics and materials are quite expensive, that's why I'm stocking up in HK:) I live in Tai Po!!! But I only know ONE crafty shop around 😛 Any specific locations you would recommend?? I recently visit a great shop in Central - got more cute fabrics, will post it up soon!!! ^0^

          • theresa:

            Aaargh i am so bad with directions. OK since you know Tai Po, it might be easier. The one I went to was near the Primary school near the railway.. is that any use? i can’t remember the name of the primary school – just that it is near the railway (the old railway carriage which is somewhat a museum piece). There is a little parade of shops and there was a fabric and haberdashery shophouse there.

            Dubai is a funny old place – reminds me of HK 20 years ago when there was construction all around.

            Dubai is definitely worth a visit. I know it’s had some bad press recently but – hey: who hasn’t this past year…

            Anyway – any place which sells fab materials and haberdashery is worth a visit surely!


            • Jo:

              I think I know where you are talking about – will certainly visit next time:) My luggage is too full this trip hehe…


              • theresa:

                LOL – my husband used to go to that primary school when he was growing up in HK! He is originally a Tai Po boy…

                Happy crafting – can’t wait to see whatever you do.

                I’m new to the world of blogs – makes me feel inspired.

                I love to eat, craft, travel, muse and witter…

                Well.. if you ever visit Dubai I will show you around the fabric souks, wholesale suppliers, etc

                • Jo:

                  oh my! so your husband moved to dubai as well!! i’d love to have a guide if i visit Dubai!!! thanks for the offer 🙂

                  my blog is quite new as well – it’s very hard to find the time to sew, craft, create and blog when i have a full time job… holiday is over for me>< back to work tmr!

    • VivIen:

      Hi Theresa. I am going to Sheung shui this week. Can you tell me when the fabric shops are? Thanx!

  • Can’t believe you didn’t look me up when you’re in Hong Kong. I know you’re busy shopping though. ^_^ Can’t believe you found all those beautiful fabrics. I can’t find it, hahaha.. Make more beautiful things please~

  • chen:

    hi, what language used to speak in hk? can i use english, because i will visit hk this sept and going to buy some cute fabric^^ also, can we bargain in there? also, do you know the closing time of shops in there? thanks^^

  • jing morales:

    can u tell me where is that place in sham shui po coz we only have 3 hours to go shopping for fabrics.my mom arrives tonight from australia.and she wants to go there first thing in the morning….thanks…

  • Mike:

    Yes, Sham shui po has been a famous area in hong kong for it’s extensive range of textiles related items including beautiful fabric!!

    The closing time is usually around 6 – 7 depending on how hard working they are!

    My usual day of fabric shopping spree is go there around 12 for lunch (lots of yummy food nearby) and then visiting those many shops, and in the afternoon i go for a nice (clean, hehe) massage nearby. Its got that nice traditional oldstyle hongkong enviroment happening around there!

    The ones around lai chi kok rd and nam cheong rd are pretty good

  • theresa:


    Guess where I’m going today? Sham Shui Po fabric market!!! Looking forward to digging around for some cool fabrics. Hopefully find some jewellery making bits and bobs too!

    How was Japan?


  • Wow!! 🙂 such beautiful photographs & vibrant colors. wish i could come to hong kong as soon as posssible. heard a lot about it in the recent times.

  • Anastacia Aoki:

    I can’t think of where to buy a basic sewing kit. I’ve been to Sham Shui Po but am overwhelmed by the many hobby stores, i don’t know where to begin! Any leads? Many thanks!

    • Stella:

      Tung Shing Sewing Machine Company at 65 Nam Cheong Street Sham Shui Po, has lots of sewing bits and pieces as well as selling sewing machines. It is convenient as you could probably buy all you need in one place.

  • Shafeeqah:

    Hi! Do you by any chance know if it closes on christmas?

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