Okadaya Shinjuku

Tokyo is a handicraft shopping heaven! Which is why I like it here so much 😛

The name Okadaya is probably not new to any crafters, I’ve heard about it before I came to Japan and was eager to go and check it out!!

Okadaya Shinjuku

I wasn’t too impressed when I got there, the first floor was selling cosmetics= = I thought I went to the wrong place! (but nothing is too weird in Japan!)

Fabrics & Craft Supplies

The store is divided into two spaces, one dedicate for craft supplies, felt, yarns and accessories, and the other for fabrics!!! Since I didn’t have a sewing machine so I wasn’t too keen to check out the fabric section 😛

Craft supplies

After spending a good few hours there, I bought some supplies that I think I can use without a sewing machine hehe… See the sew-on purse frame, I’ve always wanted to try one!

Size S Thimble

I’ve been searching for a thimble for while and this is the first time I found one that fits me, Size S, awesome!! OK, i have small fingers 😛

Needles & Pins for Knit works

Needles and pins for knitting & crocheting! They have round tips, so won’t damage your yarns! I was planning to do more crocheting that’s why I got them^^

Fabric Pieces

I got a few pieces of 50 x 30 cm fabric pieces from the patchwork section, I was thinking maybe I can do some hand sewing haha

I also got some yarns, but I forgot to take photos of them 😛

Although I didn’t buy that much, the truth is being in a craft store and looking at all the creative stuff made me happy already!!^^

PS. I actually went to Okadaya 2 weeks ago haha what a late post!! And the good news is I have my sewing machine with me now!!! My boyfriend brought it over for me when he visited last week!!!^^ Happy~

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