Finally, a pincushion!

I’ve been using sarubobo as a pincushion for some time, and it really is time that I make a proper one so poor sarubobo doesn’t get stabbed by pins anymore!!


Last night, I got home straight after work and started working on my long overdue pincushion project (Sometimes I wish I don’t have to work and can sew all day long^0^). The pincushion is based on Heather Bailey’s design, but I made the pattern myself.

Pincushion with sarubobo

I attached sarubobo on the pincushion, sarubobo now has a home!

Pincushion with frog stamp tag

I also stitched my hand carved frog stamp tag on the side, I think it gives it a personal touch! (Did I tell you that my friend said my frog looks more like a teddy T_T … Oh wells I guess it can be both then :D)

I really like my new pincushion^0^

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