First attempt at crocheting a beanie

Result: Failed!!!!

The pattern I’m using is from かんたんニットワードローブあき・ふゆ – “Simple Knit Wardrobe: Autumn/Winter vol.2” (ISBN: 4529046125/9784529046121), it is one of the few in the book that I can understand, so I decided to give it a go…

Attempt to crochet a beanie

I followed it exactly not noticing that I need to adjust the pattern as I’m using a yarn type and hook size different from what is suggested!

Too big!!

After 4 nights of hard work, my half-completed beanie is looking a bit too big, more like a basket, so I measured it – the circumference of my beanie is exactly 8 cm bigger then that the pattern says it should be… and I don’t have a big head…>< Disappointed, but not discouraged:) At least I've learnt how to read crochet charts and next time I'll know that I need to adjust the pattern accordingly!! I'm off to try other patterns!^0^ PS. I redid the face for Peanut, he was looking too much like a thief 😛 Now he just looks sleepy…

Sleepy Peanut


  • Peanut’s new face is sweet, I do like it better.

    As for the beanie, what a shame! Gorgeous colour and it looks like your crocheting was perfection! Next time it will work perfectly!

  • Nicole:

    I just did this with a hat I crocheted! I must have started learning to crochet right before you! Mine was supposed to be a baby hat and turned out more like a toddler/small preschooler hat. Fortunately the baby can grow into it.

    My challenge right now is a baby sweater. The pattern just says to use a certain brand of yarn, doesn’t mention weight so I tried to just wing it. First try the sweater was a whole 2 inches wider than it should be! I undid it and tried with a smaller hook and its only about an inch wider than it should be now. I figure thats not bad for a first sweater, and again the baby can grow in to it at least (or maybe I’ll just have an extra wide baby who needs some extra room lol!)

    Don’t get discouraged! At least with crochet you can just pull the string and undo it!

  • I do have the Amineko book, too! But not tried yet. They looks soooooooooooooooo cute!! 😀

    • Jo:

      I know!!! I’ve seen that book in kinokuniya!! I controlled myself not to buy it><

      • I might be interested in teinstg for you, depending on the complexity of the pattern. I don’t want to get involved in a project that will take a long time, but something quicker with easily accessible yarns would be great. Let me know. Thanks!

  • Lia:

    niiiice…I’d never finish it!

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