My First Creative Space

I’ve been visiting a lot of beautiful and interesting creative spaces every Thursday in the past months – I decide to join in the fun this week!^0^

Remember my Fujifilm Instax Mini instant camera?!
I want to show you the mini tote I’ve made for it!!

Instax Mini Camera Tote

I’m in love with this blue Indian silk that I got from HK – it’s got a rougher look then linen, but yet much softer than burlap! Perfect for bags!

Instax Mini Camera Tote - Inside

The Instax Mini fits right in!

Instax Mini Camera Tote - Side Lace

Well, the initial idea for the tote was that so Ken can use it to carry the camera (You know how guys don’t have bags, they love their pockets..), but it turned out tooooooo girly!
I’m sorry, Ken!

Instax Mini Camera Tote - Front Lace

I think the laces contributed to a big part of the ‘girliness’ – but I couldn’t help it :p

New Felting Tools

And finally my Clover felting tool & felting needles finally arrived in the mail! I couldn’t felt for a while because I broke all my needles T_T They are really fragile! Or I’m too rough… (maybe the latter :p) I’m very excited about my new tool – you’ll be expecting more felting in my creative space!

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