First time felting

I never knew that felting can be so easily done at home until I saw Gill Brooks’ demonstration at the Sydney Stitch & Craft Show. I bought some merino wool at the show, and not until last weekend, I finally tried felting for the first time.

Before: Merino wool

Input: Merino wool

After: Felt

Output: Felt!

Just like magic!^0^

  • bq:

    Hi from Southern Calif.! I’m thinking about trying felting too. Is that a sushi mat? Are you doing any needle felting projects? I’m wondering what beginner’s book is good; seems like there are a lot of adorable projects to start out. Have fun.
    I love the name of your blog!
    Take care…

    • Jo:

      Yes, it’s a sushi mat, it’s an important equipment in felting!! hehe.. but my one is actually too small even for such a small piece of felt, so if your project is bigger, like a scarf, you really need a bigger piece!!

      I’ve never tried any needle felting projects but if you are looking for a good reference book, I would recommend Uniquely Felt (Author: Christine White, ISBN: 9781580176736).

      Thanks for visiting!!:)

      • bq:

        thanks, Jo! I think I’ll start with that book. I’m going to check out your “recent post” on Japanese craft books now…

        • Jo:

          Awesome!! Let me know how u go with the book. In fact, I wanna get a copy for myself too!! :p You can never have too many craft books! If you ever need help with translations for the Japanese craft books, I’ll be happy to help (It’ll help with my Japanese studies too)! 😀

          • bq:

            OK – translation might really come in handy; thanks for the offer. I’m Japanese, born & raised in So. California, but I don’t read or speak Nihongo (shame on me, huh?). I do understand sukoshi though. I’ll let you know if I need help. Take care.

  • Arleia:

    Hi Jo,
    I came across your website while visiting TipNut and would like to congratulate you on your site. For someone who has just started felting, knitting and crochet amoung others you are very gifted and speak so enthusiastically about craft. You are a true inspiration. Good luck and keep up the blogging (especially while your in Japan)

    • Jo:

      Thank you so much Arleia for such encouraging comment!!!^^

      I am enjoying japan a lot! but then there’s so much distractions over here!!!><

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