Gift for a Newlywed

My friend recently got married and moved in with her hubby!! I’d like to send along a handmade gift – how does a mini kitchen set sound?!^_^

Mini Kitchen Set

The gift set includes 2 potholders and a arm protector!

The potholders were from a pattern in リネンで雑貨 – ‘Linen Zakka’ (ISBN: 4579110412/ 9784579110414). As for the arm protectors, they are based off a tutorial by Mai.

Arm Protector

So you put on the arm protector like the picture when you cook!

Carelessness is one of my problem personality traits – if you compare my arm protector to Mai’s, she had the embroidering ABOVE the elastics, my one has it ON the elastics – Yes, quite embarrassing to admit, I’ve sewn the two fabrics together the other way round! >_< I hope my friend won't find out! shhh!! 😛

  • i love the green you used here! very spring~ i think your friends will love them all~

  • Lia:

    no biggie! I can’t see anything wrong :p….I love your fabric choices!! and will you pleaseeee email me, so I can reply u easier 🙂

  • Kate:

    That is such a great newlywed present!
    They will be thrilled.
    I’ve never heard about arm protecters but I need some. I’m off to check out the tutorial now.

  • Kate:

    ps. In answer to your question on my blog; You can crochet and knit with all the same yarns. I crochet my trims from very fine cotton that says crochet cotton on the wrapper but you probably could knit with it too.
    Hope that answers your question. X

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