Giveaway Winner!!

I want to thank all of you who entered my first giveaway, and for the friendly and encouraging comments.

There were 488 comments in total from readers all over the world!!! ^_^
I was soooooooooo surprised!! I surely did read and appreciate every single one of them!!

I’ll get to the giveaway winner in a moment, let’s take a look at the prize!! * v * The winner chose my surprise handmade pouch!!!

Patchwork pouches

I really liked the fabric combination of this drawstring pouch, so I decided to make one for myself as well!!^0^ I used different drawstrings for the two pouches – this is not intentional, I just ran out hehe

Handmade stamp tags

I also stitched my hand carved stamp tag on the side!! Which I think makes the pouches look really lovely!

Patchwork pouches

Left: this one I made for my NDS, but it turns out too small – it doesn’t fit T_T;
Right: this will go to the giveaway winner!!!

I think I’ve kept you waiting for long enough, and the ::winner:: is:

Kate from Foxs Lane (Comment 281)

Kate, I will be sending you an email^^
Everyone else, thank you again for participating!! I am sure my next giveaway won’t be too far away 😀

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