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Almost every weekend, I would pop into Kinokuniya (Sydney) and browse the books in the Japanese Crafts section, and almost everytime I would leave empty-handed. And the one and only reason is – they are simply too expensive!!!!>< But last weekend, I bought two!!!! Why? Because I didn't get it from Kinokuniya, I found out about Hondarake (Full of Books). It's a Japanese second-hand book shop in the city. I wonder why I never knew about this place before!!!! Ok... moving on... photos * v * Handmade Zakka (ISBN: 4579109988)
Handmade Zakka - book cover

The book was wrapped with clear plastic, so I couldn’t see what’s in the book. But I was tempted to buy it just looking at the book cover alone. And obviously I bought it 😀

Handmade Zakka - cutlery pouch

Zakka in Japanese means miscellaneous goods, so I wasn’t surprised that there are a variety of different projects in the book. I am particularly interested in this cutlery pouch – cute!

Handmade Zakka - bags

The designs in this Japanese craft book are mostly very simple. I haven’t tried any of the patterns yet, but this shoulder bag looks easy enough for beginners like me ^0^

Handmade Zakka - instructions

The only complaint that I have is that the book lacks photo illustrated instructions. Hand-drawn instructions are very cute, but personally I find them harder to comprehend as well. For beginners and people that don’t really understand the Japanese language, this is probably not the book to go for. But I think it’s still a great book for inspiration.

Handmade Zakka - back cover

I really like this bag on the back cover of the book, but I think it’s quite a common style, and a lot of Japanese craft books probably have it already. Overall, a good book, but I’d probably give it a miss if I had to pay the AUD RRP.

Lesson of Sewing (ISBN:978-4391622584)
Lesson of Sewing - book cover

The title of this book literally translates to “First time machine sewing”. Obviously it’s a sewing book for beginners (me!).

Lesson of Sewing - sewing basics

The book is divided into two parts. The first section covers sewing tools, sewing terms and basic machine sewing techniques illustrated by both photographs and cute drawings. Although I can read a bit of Japanese, it’s still way too technical for me>< But the step-by-step photo instructions really helped me to understand what's going on. If you don't know any Japanese and you're a beginner, I'd say this section is quite useless. Lesson of Sewing - one piece

Lesson of Sewing - apron

Lesson of Sewing - pouch

The second part of the book includes a variety of simple projects like tote bag, apron, bookcover, one piece… etc. This stylish little pouch is one of my favourites in the book.^^

Lesson of Sewing - instructions

The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I think it is a great beginner’s reference even if you cannot understand Japanese.

I got both Handmade Zakka and Lesson of Sewing for AUD$25. They are still in very good condition! I reckon I got a really good bargain^0^

I love Japanese craft books… I want more…

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