Kreativ Blogger Award

Yes, a thumb’s up for Chubby*Hobby! Su Loves Sew has kindly presented me the Kreativ Blogger Award!! Thanks so much Su, this is so encouraging and I truly appreciate it!!

Kreativ Blogger

So, onto the rules:

  1. Copy the award to my blog (done!)
  2. Link to the person who has given me this award (done!)
  3. Tell 7 interesting things about myself
  4. Choose 7 other blogs that I want to give this award to
  5. Link to their blogs
  6. Comment on their blogs that I have given them this award

Hmmm… 7 interesting (or not-so-interesting) things about myself…

  1. I drop everything on the floor and leave a trail of stuff as I walk into my house – including my jacket, I just take it off and drop it on the ground!
  2. I like to drink water with a straw even at home.
  3. I lived in NZ for 3 years before and used to say “yis yis”…:D
  4. Whenever I work on a sewing project, Ken thinks that there has been a typhoon in the house :p
  5. I wanted to be a manga/anime artist when I was little.
  6. I majored in Software Engineering, but I hate computers!!
  7. I don’t like wearing skirts!!!!

That was hard!! And now onto my nominations (not in any particular order and by no means exhaustive^^). My nominees for the Kreativ Blogger Award go to:

  1. Cotton & Cloud
  2. dear fii
  3. Pink Penguin
  4. viljtig
  5. Miss Minzy
  6. How are you all? (EmiShimosato)
  7. Smitten Kitchen

Congratulations to the nominees!! hehe.. And I do apologise in advance if you have already receive this award before 😀

Sunday Inspiration - vintage sewing machine

Here’s my Sunday Inspiration! hehe.. I believe a post is incomplete without a picture?! *smile*

Looks like my job here is done! ^0^
I hope you are having a lovely Sunday!

  • Thanks so much, Jo, for picking me as one of your nominees!! I am so honored! By the way I totally understand what you mean by a typhoon during a sewing project. I worked on some projects this morning so it sure looks like there has been a typhoon around my crafting space!

  • Thank you very much for picking up my blog!
    The sewing machine in the picture looks sooooooooooo nice! I wish I could have such a antique machine…

  • Hi Jo!

    Thank you very much for picking me as one of your nominees too 😀
    How wonderful that you wanted to be a manga artist! When I was about 8 I wanted to be one too but I realised that I was no good at drawing…
    Hope you had wonderful weekend!

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