Mounting Rubber Stamps

Mounting hand carved rubber stamps onto wooden block is so simple – I’m almost reluctant to call it a tutorial 😀


You’ll need:

  • hand carved rubber stamp – trim closer to image if necessary
  • wooden block*** – sanded
  • double-sided adhesive foam tape

*** If you can’t find any at your local craft shop, buy a piece of wood from a hardware store, and cut to desire size according to the size of the rubber stamp you are mounting – your husband/boyfriend might come in handy!! ^0^

Step 1

Stamp the image onto the top-side of the wooden block.

Step 2

Peel back one side of the protective paper and place the flat side of the rubber stamp onto the foam tape.

Foam tape

Step 3

Peel back the other side of the protective paper and adhere to the bottom-side of the wooden block.

Step 4


Stamps - Side View

Stamps - Bottom View

Don’t they look good?! ^0^

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