My Creative Space – A baby gift

Irene (from Missy Minzy)’s baby Peanut is due in a week or 2, so I made her this baby bib (she got it in her mail yesterday!)…

Bib - Pink side

This bib is reversible, so there’s not really a front or back.

Bib - side B

I quilted the batting onto a green mouse fabric, cos I think a bib would be washed quite often, I didn’t want to use iron-on! The sewing lines are not exactly diagonal, but I think it turned out pretty good!:)

Bib details

I attached a stamp tag of the birthday girl’s name onto the pink side and I think the running stitches around the edge also gave it a nice touch!

This is my first attempt at making a bib, I initially thought it’s a bit small, but maybe just perfect for a new born!! The bib is based off this pattern from a Japanese website.

After making the bib for Peanut, my sewing machine is officially packed away due to moving!!! So I turned my attention back to crocheting again! 😛

Incomplete black beanie

However this is another failed attempt of a crocheting a beanie, it’s once again TOO BIG! Probably due to my crochet hook being fatter than what the pattern suggested, I really need to go and buy a set, it’s so annoying not having the right hook size!!

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