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Just over one week ago, I’ve never touched a crochet hook, in fact I’ve never had the heart to learn crocheting, I told myself needles & yarns are just not my thing…

Now I’m addicted – whenever I have spare time, I’ll start hooking along…

Warukun crocheting

Right after I finished Warukun, the next amigurumi is already on its way!

Another amineko...

It’s going to be another amineko, I think Warukun needs a friend:D

Single crochet (sc) stitch is pretty much the only crochet term I know at the moment, can’t wait to learn more and start crocheting fancy patterns – accessories or even clothing for myself ^_^

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  • that’s amazing that you’ve made this cool piece after 1 week!
    great photos too 🙂

  • You’ve got my mind going now. What patterns are you using for these little guys, and is it really that easy to learn to do? I’ve loved seeing these all over the internet but have always thought they were too hard and I know nothing about crocheting so I never thought of trying.

  • ken:

    he looks so cool, will be nice to have a friend!:)

  • Wonderful – I’m so impressed with your fast (& dedicated) progress. Good on you!

  • Hi Jo!
    Oh, he is soooo cool 😀 what a sweet kitty cat. You have made so well. I am very impressed 😀

  • Oh…so cute!! Make one for my baby girl. Hehe.. 😉
    Might be the next thing I can pick up when she’s born. :D~

  • AmandaB:

    So cute! I am impressed by your *new* crochet skills! I knit, but you have really inspired me to learn crochet.

  • WOW! That is amazing. I too have been desperately trying to learn crochet in the hope I can make amigurami. Is it really that easy? Where did you get your pattern from and was it full of great instructions? Well done, its very cute!

  • Momo:

    Hehehe, I see that Amineko has made you addicted to amigurumi! My addiction started when I first saw an amineko picture… I wanted one too, so I learned how to crochet! I understand so well the feeling: once you start you can’t stop!
    This is the first time I visit your blog and I like it very much! ^__^
    Have a nice day!

  • hii!! I know the feeling, I never thought that crochet would be my thing, but I decided to try one night and now I just love crocheting and I do it whenever I can!! 🙂

    Nice work, by the way!
    Thanks for the blog, it’s really inspiring and creative!!


    The Creative Muslimah

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