My Creative Space – First time crocheting!

I’ve always adore amugurumi (編みぐるみ), but never thought of trying as the idea of crochet just seems a bit daunting!

Body & Head

I got started over the Easter break and finished the body & the head so far – a bit worrying as the head looks nothing round to me!!>< Tail WIP

The tail is work in progress… I still have the limbs & ears & mouth to go…

Thank you Minh from the curiouser who took the time to teach me, and also thanks to Kate from Foxs Lane for her yarn advice~

Although a bit slow and painful, I am quite proud of myself to be honest, never thought that I can crochet too!!^^

Let’s see how it works out!?

For now, visit Kootoyoo for more creative inspirations!

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