My Creative Space – Origami Earrings

It has been a busy month for me, some of you might have already known that I’m preparing my big move to Japan for a year… *exciting* ^^

It is also a month without my Janome, I already packed it away, but not sure how I can get it shipped to Japan yet…

Without my sewing machine in my creative space, and still lacking the right hook sizes for my crochet projects, I turned my attention to my recent online purchase – Origami Jewelry: More Than 40 Exquisite Designs to Fold and Wear.

Modular earrings

Each earring is made out of 3 modular origami pieces.

Modular earrings - Close up

This design is from the book, but combinations are endless with the use of modular pieces.

Origami Beads

I also prepared 2 origami beads for another pair of earrings, I really like this print!

They are in fact quite easy to make but require a lot of attention to details! I enjoyed making them, they would make such perfect last minute gifts!:D

I really recommend the book Origami Jewelry, it’s step-by-step instructions are so easy to follow, even if you’ve never tried origami before! Or you can try my Origami Heart Earrings tutorial first to see if you like it before investing in the book!

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