My long weekend mission

I have got my Janome sewing machine (DC3018) for about a month now, and I’m loving it!

The sewing machine came with a plain white PVC hard cover to protect it. The hard cover has a hole on the top allowing you to grab the sewing machine handle. As much as I love Janome’s design, because of the hole, the sewing machine does get a bit dusty on the inside. And on top of that, I constantly gaze into this big white blob of PVC plastic, and it isn’t very pretty at all (my sewing machine sits in front of me whenever I’m at my desk), so I’ve decided my Labour Day long weekend mission is to make a cute cover for it^0^

As you already know, I went on a shopping spree on Saturday and one of the fabrics that I got is especially chosen for this project!

Before photos:

My Janome DC3018

Hardcover - front view

Hardcover - a hole on top= =

After photos:

Softcover - front view

Softcover side and corner view

I have to say it wasn’t as easy as I thought. I think it would have been much easier if I had made a softcover for the sewing machine not a softcover for a hardcover which has an awkward shape= = Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

I know I did it the hard way, but I really wanted to keep the hardcover for the protection – also I don’t know where else to put it!= = I am quite happy with my cozy-looking sewing machine cover!^0^ Mission accomplished!

  • Man, I’m so jealous. I’m still using that freaking Singer(R) sewing machine that my mom bought more than 10 years ago. Remember those motor sewing machine we use in Home Economic classes? I’m still using that~

    • Jo:

      I had such a hard time deciding between Janome and Singer>< But i’m glad i got Janome, it’s such a good machine! And it’s made in Japan haha and it looks better than the Singer one I reckon^^ I can’t remember what was the sewing machine like back then.. maybe you should take a picture and show me hehe

  • I’ve been scouring your young blog and think so far it’s completely marvelous. I especially loved your rubber stamp tutorial, something I’ve never tried but have always thought I would. Great photos throughout and your blog header is gorgeous. Thanks for including my blog in your links!


    • Jo:

      You are very welcome Cathe!! And thanks for such encouraging comment!

      I love your work and the graphics that you share! Today I carved my initial on a stamp using a typeface that you posted:)

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