My sarubobo ^0^

This sarubobo is my first handmade project (well first ever since I don’t need to do home economics at school anymore)!

Sarubobo literally means “baby monkey” in Japanese. I think there are many ways to make this charming baby, but I found my project at Mai’s blog, she gave a very comprehensive tutorial in how to make sarubobo in three different ways. I think a traditional sarubobo is meant to be plain red, but they look just as adorable in any fabrics.


Ouch! Sarubobo looks like he’s hurting>< He's my pincushion at the moment - well until I make a proper pincushion. I feel very sorry for sarubobo..... My sarubobo looks plain= = well, 'cos it's my first project, I didn't want to use anything too nice, just in case I ruin it! So for the body I just use plain homespun, and luckily it didn't turn out too bad, so I gave it a nice hat so it doesn't look too plain :p You should give this fun project a go as well, it's not very hard even for a beginner like me!

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