Patchwork Japanese craft book

This month is busy as hell for me as the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is coming up and I am far from prepared>< So please understand that I won't be doing much frequent posting this month!!! I have this long list of projects waiting for me to do, but everything has to be postponed until I finish my JLPT...T_T However, I am actually working on a secret mission, probably the only project I'll be working on this month, since it's a secret project, I won't show you until it's finished^0^ hehe... Today I wanna introduce you to this second hand Japanese craft book that I got recently from Japan Yahoo! Auction through a friend living in Japan. I never had the chance to look at the content of the book before I made the purchase because this book is actually out of print at the moment, but the title really caught my attention so I decided to buy it (well, also because it was selling at half the RPP * v *). Now... moving on... photos ^0^ One Week Patchwork Projects – matching linen with red, white and black
(ISBN: 4529042294)

One Week Patchwork Projects - book cover

This is actually the first patchwork craft book that I own, and I am completely happy with my purchase. The projects in this book are based on linen, and most use red, white and black colour fabrics to complement the material, with a few variations of other colours. There are a variety of cute projects in this book, including tote bags, cushions, pincushions, aprons, potholders… etc

One Week Patchwork Projects - Tote bag

One Week Patchwork Projects - Cushions

One Week Patchwork Projects - Panda and pincushions

One Week Patchwork Projects - Aprons

One Week Patchwork Projects - Potholders

As suggested by the title, the projects in this book are simple enough to be completed in a week’s time, each project is divided into a 7 day course. And if you allocate more time per day, you’ll take less than a week! The step-by-step photo instructions are extremely easy to follow, it is indeed a great patchwork reference book!

One Week Patchwork Projects - Day 1

One Week Patchwork Projects - Day 2

You can find hand-drawn instructions of variations of each project towards the back of the book.

One Week Patchwork Projects - Hand-drawn instructions

Overall, I think it is a great Japanese craft book to buy! ^0^ As I’ve said, the book is actually out of print so it is very hard to get hold of a new copy, however there are still some second hand ones around, and I am very lucky as this copy I got is still in very good condition.

Thank you for reading and back to study for me… ><

  • Yan:

    Hey!So nice to see you update ur blog! (one more thing for me to do when I procrastinate lol)

    My exam is this Wed…>_<
    I might go to Melbourne on Friday or next Monday, so if you can email me what you want to buy from the Kimono House, I'll try and get them for you. ^^

    • Jo:

      I wanna update more often, but so hard to find time ar>< I wanna do more sewing too hehehe... Good luck for your exam.. and I'll email you what I wanna buy 🙂 Thanks!!

  • I wish you good luck for the JLPT and i’m curious about your secret project… so mysterious… 🙂

  • Jules:

    When I went to Japan in Sept, I got this very same book, but lucky for me in a sale bin! It is a lovely book, & waiting for the day I make something from it. BTW I have come across from SewMamaSew site to discover you!

    • Jo:

      It’s not a very well known book outside of Japan, but I absolutely love it too!! I haven’t make anything from it yet, I really should hehe.. I need to get some linen fabrics first!!^0^

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