Postcard making class

Had a very relaxing Sunday today – had no plans, but felt the urge to visit some museums when I got out of bed close to noon 😛

There’s this Paper Museum near my place that I’ve been wanting to visit for some time~ I rushed out of bed as I knew that in weekends at 1pm, they offer postcard making classes for free! (as in included in entry fee of course)

Postcard making class

I got there just in time! One of the staffs was explaining the process of recycling milk cartons to make paper! Not that I can understand all the Japanese that he was saying haha~

Apparently you need two days to prepare the pulp, so it was already prepared for us!

Postcard mold

We all get to pick a mold (or do you call it a screen?) for our own postcard, and my pick is this one with the Paper Museum’s logo on it. The logo is the word paper (紙) in Chinese, which I think is perfect for a memorable handmade postcard! I also chose a red maple leaf and a origami crane shaped piece for decoration.

So here is how it goes..
Step 1: Pour sufficient amount of pulp water into the mold and then place the decorations (as in the maple leaf etc.) wherever you like, just push it slightly into the pulp.
Step 2: Drain.
Step 3: SQUEEZE water out of the “paper” with the help of a simple machine.
Step 4: Iron it dry and TA-DA handmade postcard completed!

My handmade postcard

Here is my handmade postcard!! Lovely! ^^

Cardboard Stools & Chairs

After the class, I took a look around the museum. I was amazed by all the different cardboard stools & chairs there!! Very thoughtful!

Well worth the 300 Yen entry fee I’d say!

Grutt Pass

But I didn’t actually paid the 300 yen, instead I used this Grutt Pass Booklet which costs 2000 yen. It gives you access to 70 facilities in the Tokyo area! Pretty good value!

I first used this Grutt Pass when I visited Tokyo Sea Life Park (photo above). The Pass expires 2 months after first use though.

Tomorrow is public holiday (Respect Elders Day) in Japan, and I already have plans to visit more museums with a friend!

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!~

  • How fun, that seems like the perfect way to make your way around town seeing what there is to be offered! The post card making class sounds great and your creation is terrific! Those are totally the sorts of things I’d be doing if I went somewhere new. Have fun exploring the other places you go.

  • Don’t you just love Japan? All those craft classes!!! I miss it so much. Must go back there. Do you have a family there or friends you stay with?
    When I go back there, I would love to meet up with you!!
    I must say though, I am quite relieved to be back in a cool country.

  • I love making paper! It’s a relax and fun process. I would love to buy the set of paper making mode when I visit Japan.

  • Lia:

    hix… jealous too…do they have the class everyday??? I’ll be visiting Japan hopefully in April 🙂 do share “free” classes 😀

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