Pretty journal cover

I’ve just completed another sewing project and I’m particularly proud of this one*v* I think it turned out really nice! I’ve made a journal cover to fit an A5 art diary – most art diaries are just plain ordinary.

I got the design from one of the Japanese craft books that I bought last weekend. Instructions in the book are for paperback novels, so I had to alter the measurements to fit my A5 art diary.

New journal cover for my A5 art diary

Left: pretty*v*; Right: ugly

Journal cover - inside

You might have noticed that the bookmark string hangs from the bottom. As much as I don’t want to tell you… I made a mistake= = I couldn’t believe it!!! But then after I put the art diary inside the journal cover, I actually think that it is a good idea to have it hang from the bottom. You’ll see why:D

Journal cover

I think the bookmark looks nice hanging from the top – like an extra feature, and you wouldn’t have an annoying long tail down the bottom, which sometimes frustrates me:p

Journal cover features

I also stitched my newly hand carved stamp tag on the inside of the front cover^0^ I think I’m addicted, I attach stamp tags on everything!

Journal front cover - inside

So this is how it looks like inside the front cover. (Excuse my ugly drawing on the first page><) Journal back cover - inside

And this is the back.

My art diary with the new journal cover on

Yay! My art diary actually looks nice now^0^

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