Printable Gift Tag – Mori

Help yourself to this cute holiday gift tag!!

I think the gift tag illustration of Mori in my last post looked better than I’ve imagined, so I’ve decided to share this printable gift tag with Mori on it! ^_^

Printable Gift Tag

This is how I used it…

Gift Tag

Since i don’t have any card stock, so I printed it on normal A4 paper and then used double sided tape to attach a piece of scrap fabric on the back of the gift tag.

Gift Tag Front

This makes the gift tag more durable and also gives it a personal touch ^^ You can use different fabrics for each tag to compliment different gift wrappings!

Gift Tag Back

Ideal for Christmas, Birthdays or just any occasions!!

Download the gift tag PDF file here.

I hope you will have fun using this gift tag when preparing for your holiday gifts!
Thanks for visiting!

Please Note: This file is for personal use only. Thank you for understanding!

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