Random updates…

It’s so good to be back!!! My test is finally finished, and although I still have to go to work, I’ve got more free time to make stuff, which I enjoy very much!!!!

I tried needle felting for the first time, it was so fun!! Probably not the part that I keep poking my own fingers, which hurts sooooooooooooooo much!!! T_T


This is my first creation – Mikan San
(Mikan means mandarin orange in Japanese, and San is just a polite way of addressing someone)

Mikan on a Chair

Trying do a photo shoot for Mikan San *smile*

Sashiko Threads

I’ve seen some lovely projects using sashiko**, so I bought some sashiko threads to try^^ I just won’t stop trying things hehehe :p **Sashiko is a form of Japanese embroidery.


A friend gave me some lovely smelling lavender, I wonder what I will use them for… * v *

I’m now off to do some more felting, or should I sew?? Can’t decide>< I hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Hello,

    Can I buy sashiko thread on line? U.S. stores? Thanks!

    • Jo:

      Hi Chase,

      Yes, you can buy sashiko threads online, but the one I bought mine from is an Australian store – Kimono House.
      Or else I know some sellers on Etsy sell them too! Let me know if you need help locating a seller^^

  • I thought it was a pumpkin!! ^^u
    I like so much Sachiko embroidery! hope if you have the time, write something about sachiko! I’m searching a tutorial but there’s nothing!

    • Jo:

      My other friend thought it was a pumpkin too!! 😀

      I need to buy some plain fabrics before I can do sashiko, I’m thinking linen would be a good choice! I’ll definitely write about it!! Probably something simple for beginners!

  • Yan:

    ur mikan san is soo cute!!! I love the isu photo!!!

  • you little mandarin is adorable. i’ve never tried needle felting. is it very difficult? for whatever reason, it intimidates me.

    thanks so much for commenting on my blog last week. i love meeting readers! hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    • Jo:

      Needle felting is difficult if you go beyond the basic round shape I think>< I was trying to felt a teddy, wasn't so successful, I'll take a pic and post about it lol I think I'll go back to the basic shapes and practice more first!! And too bad I didn't win your giveaway>< hehe

  • AngelDust:

    What a lovely creation! i’m a starter too… i’ve got the needles, base, wool and a pre-packed sheep kit.. not sure which is better to start off… maybe i should also start on basic shapes too… i love your theme for the blog too.. very nice!

    • Jo:

      sounds like you are all ready to go!!! definitely start with basic shapes.. like some kind of fruit.. maybe:)

      Try not to poke your fingers!!!!!!! I know it’s hard!!!!

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