Sewing tools shopping spree!!!

I went on a mini shopping spree today! (Yes, I know I shouldn’t have><) I went to Chatswood Sewing Centre initially just wanted to buy some fabric chalks… well I ended up getting too excited and bought a bunch of other stuff, ‘cos I think they probably stock the widest range of sewing tools in Sydney (well, as far as I know).

Sewing tools shopping^0^

So, let’s see what I bought:

  • Sewing pins
  • Some extra bobbins
  • Fray glue
  • Fabric pencil (the mechanical type^0^) – it comes with a packet of white leads
  • Extra fabric pencil leads – green (well you always need more than one colour, am I right?)
  • Fabric glue

And that’s not just it, after that I went to Tessuti in Surry Hills and bought some fabrics as well (I have no self control T_T).

Fabrics shopping

The turquoise fabric is going to be for my sewing machine cover project ^0^ They are all Japanese fabrics, I just love them so much!

  • yan:

    omg omg!!! joanna san!!!! how much was the fabric ar!??!?!?! I love the frog one ar!!!! I wanna buy it too!!! >_< the blue one is also very nice!!!! I love ur frog stamp as well!!!!!! Do u like frogs too??? I really like frog stuff!!! (not real frogs tho)…I'm so jealous of u…I wanna make things too…

  • Jo:

    Yan san! So you are back in Bendigo?

    Tessuti, where I got the frog pattern fabric from, has a store in Melbourne as well, maybe you can check it out?
    You can find the address on their website.

    Or let me know if you need help buying it! ^^

  • ken:

    wow…nice stuff you bought there!!:)

  • I bought a lot of sewing needles with the brand that you bought for safety pins. Hahaha.. Coz I bought most of the stuff from Spotlight, which is an Australian store right? Hahaha. Looking forward to see more sewing projects from you.. (You are way more motivated than I am)

    • Jo:

      Hey Ronny,

      OMG you know spotlight??
      do they have a store in HK? I didn’t know that.

      I have a lot of sewing projects coming along hehe..^^
      you should show me yours too!

  • Emma:

    I’m so glad to hear of a sewing shop in Chatswood – it’s the area I am thinking of moving to (or thereabouts) when ever someone offers me a job with a visa so I can at last get over to Sydney…. I am sooo looking forward to it and loving this blog amongst the aussie offerings I’m glued to!! Keep blogging x

    • Jo:

      Hi Emma,

      I was happy to know about the sewing shop in Chatswood too! I live in the inner west and there’s none near me!!!!!!!

      Wow!! So you are coming to Australia! “Pre-welcome”!!!^0^

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