Traveling for Fabrics

You might not travel to another country just for fabrics, but will surely look for good local fabric shops while traveling:D

During my recent trip to Hong Kong, I managed to get some really cheap fabrics in the Sham Shui Po District. However, I was disappointed by the fact that there’s only one shop which stocks Japanese fabrics – very limited few.

Lucky enough, I discover another place – another gold mine for those who sew – the Central District.

Beautiful Japanese Fabrics

There I found this store – in a narrow street, amongst other fabric shops which mainly sell fabrics for Qi Pao***. This shop sells a lot (I mean A LOT) of beautiful Japanese fabrics and many designer fabrics from the US as well.

*** Qi Pao is a type of traditional chinese clothing

Of course, price-wise you cannot beat Sham Shui Po, but this is like a whole new level – high quality Japanese prints including a wide selection of kimono fabrics!!
Nevertheless, the price still beats what you can find online or any local fabric shops in Sydney!

If you are traveling to Hong Kong and is a Japanese fabrics addict (like me ^0^) or even quality US prints, then you have to pay this shop a visit!!

So where do you find this amazing shop?
Cotton House
G/F, 3 Li Yuen St West
Hong Kong

Giveaway Prize

While talking about fabrics, I got a package in the mail containing 4 fat quarters I won over at Pink Chalk Fabrics back in December. I almost couldn’t believe I have won, this is my first time winning a giveaway and sure does feel good!

Giveaway Prize

All 4 are Japanese prints by Leicien. I particularly like this small flower print – looking very Japanese:)

Thank you for visiting!! xx

  • I would actually travel for fabrics purchasing too. I had to travel to a few province in China at my last job. Most site were too huge and one can get overwhelming when you are standing right at the centre of the whole outlets.

  • Hi, I’m traveling to HK next month, and I would also like to go buy some fabrics in Sham Shui Po. Could you kindly give me the address of that only one shop in Sham Shui Po selling Japanese fabrics ?
    I will go have a look at Central too. Do they also have any cute “kawaii” fabric ?
    Thank you so much for the information !

    • Jo:

      Thanks for dropping by! I’ve just had a look at your website, seems like you post a lot about Japanese food and stuff.. too bad I don’t understand>< As for the fabrics info, I'll be sending you an email^^

  • MDEE:

    waw good information
    I’m also a fabric addict

    thank you dear

  • Yolande:


    I am also travelling to Hong Kong and can you send me the address of that only one shop in Sham Shui Po selling Japanese fabrics?


    • Wailam Wilson:

      Hi Jo,

      I will be travelling to HK in a couple weeks. Can you share the address of the one Sham Shui Po shop selling Japanese fabric?

      Thank you,


  • Ann:

    Hi I will be in Hong Kong in a couple of weeks, would you know if other than fabrics in sham shui po, they sell purse frames ( brass or metal)? And needle felting supplies ( wool roving, needle). Appreciate your input on this.

  • kiki:

    Hello, thanks for the info, can you kindly advice whete to gey african laces and fabrics, i am a fabric lover

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