Utility Purse?! Patchwork style!

Or utility bag? Not sure what you call them…
You know the kind of pouch that girls have in their handbag for various junk! I needed one of those^0^

Patchwork Utility Purse

Love patchwork!! <3

Utility Purse - Opened

My junk!

Utility Purse - Back

I decorated the back with heaps of running stitches and a stamp tag with my initial on it!

It’s been quite a crafty Friday, I enjoyed some embroidering underneath the shade of trees, on a bright sunny day, looking out into Sydney harbour… I wish everyday could be like today!^_^

I’m packing for a weekend getaway in Canberra!! There’s this Masterpieces from Paris exhibition on in the Nation Gallery of Australia, and more importantly, it’s Handmade Market on Sunday – I’ve been looking forward to it for a few months!

Will you be there??^^

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