Valentines Weekend!

Hope you all had a lovely Valentineā€™s weekend!^0^
Some of you might have known that it was also Chinese New Year!

Rather then doubling the fun, it was actually quite disastrous for me>< Especially because I got a mysterious rash on my face over the weekend, hopefully it will go away soon!! Trying to stay positive!! Valentines message - Envelope Front

Did any of you enter Sew, Mama, Sew!‘s True Love Contest?! I missed the deadline by like half a day>< But the important part is that Ken really liked the "Something Special Card + Envelope" I made for him (Tutorial by Jennifer Casa.) Made me happy!^3^

Valentines message - Envelope Back

I got to use my new Antique Alphabet Stamp Set that I recently got from Etsy!
Let’s face it, it’s just too hard for me to carve a set of alphabets this size! :p

Valentines message for Ken

Valentines message from Jo

I also stamped my initial on the back of each patch.

Antique Alphabet Stamps

This is my new set of Alphabet Stamps, loved it!

Origami Heart Earrings

Another pair of Origami Heart Earrings!

Just before I go, does everyone know that February is Crafty Month over at Kinokuniya (Sydney)?? All craft books are 20% off (Including Japanese titles – Hurray!), and Craft Fair will be held on the 27th Feb. Apparently Aranzi Aronzo will be having a special exhibition there too!! I’m a big fan!

I wish everyone the best of luck & health in the Year of Tiger!! xx
(My mum is a tiger baby hehe..)

  • yan:

    aranzi aranzo!? omg….i will be in Bendigo!!!!!!!!!!!! >< i bought some fabric in japan!!
    n i bought the origami book for u today!!!!

    • Jo:

      Yup yup.. aranzi aranzo are the author of the book you lent me for presentation!! remember?

      Thanks for getting the book for me..
      when will u be back in Sydney then?

  • Alex:

    Aaah…I want those stamps, too! Which Etsy did you get it from?

    Valentine/Chinese NY was horrible for me, too, because I had to help my boyfriend pack his stuff, since he’s moving to Munich – great day for saying goodbye, huh? :/
    But! We had a “Valenxia” celebration at the Indonesian student organization here (though I’m no longer a student, hahah!) – yummy food, love themed games and live music made me feel better šŸ™‚

    What animal baby are you? I’m a sarubobo (^0^)

    • Jo:


      This is the Etsy shop i got it from
      I am not sure if she still has the one I got, but she has some other alphabet stamps!

      Oh no… so your bf left you on Valentines..>< That's no good.. Well, i didn't have a good time, cos i was too concern about my rash!!! But I had a nice sushi dinner, so that made me feel better - food always cheer me up! I'm a "buta" baby hehehee... so is my grandma^0^

  • hi! just stopping by to let you know i love your blog! Nice to see some crafy sydney blogs :). Going to try a few of your tuts!

  • Alex:

    Thanks for the Etsy link! Omg they have the cutest stuff (*_*)
    I’ll need to stop myself from buying all of them – have to remember that I’m going to Japan anyway! But it’s so harrrrdddd….

    • Jo:

      No problem Alex!

      I know exactly how you feel.. I’m planning to go to Japan in May this year^_^ but i’m still buying a lot of fabrics online ><

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