Whale, Frog & Seagull Amigurumi

Doesn’t the title remind you of the beach? ^^

I finally whipped up all three amigurumi from this cute pattern (ravelry link here), and they are so adorable, just as I’ve imagined!:)

Frog & Whale Amigurumi

Happy Mr. Mrs. Frog playing with Mr. Whale!

Sunbathing Frog

I crocheted a blanket for Mr. Mrs. Frog so he can sunbath!

Seagull Amigurumi

I turned Miss Seagull into a mobile strap!

Whale Amigurumi

Mr. Whale enjoying the sun with Mr. Mrs. Frog!

For those in the southern hemisphere, can you feel the warmth?

  • they’re so adorable!!!! I envy your crochet skills! T_T

  • I’m in love with that little seagull! She reminds me of home. 🙂

  • so cute! i love the seagull! the frog with beach towel is adorable as well! good luck with your move to Japan. I will keep checking your blog.. i am hoping to visit japan next summer before i go back to taiwan.. have a good weekend~

  • Yan:

    omg so cute ar!!!!! I love ur frog one!!!!!!
    keke I’m so jealous of you!!!!! I’m still doing exams….T^T
    tmr’s is my last one…..sigh….(I think I did POORLY in my previous ones….) >-<

  • bb:

    wow,well done!
    the frog is adorable (though i´d have suggested it to be a mrs. frog:)
    best wishes to you!

  • Your work are always so nice!!! You’re really good in crochet!!! I’ve tried sometimes, but I’m not so good!!!

    Can you do me a favour?? Do you speak Japanese??
    I would like to write these words in Japanese:
    – love
    – work
    – health
    – money
    – bad luck
    I’ve found these, but I don’t know if they’re correct:
    愛 = love
    仕事 = work
    健康 = health
    お金 = money
    悪運 = bad luck

    I would like to write them on my Sarubobos!!! 🙂
    Thank you!!!
    Have a nice day!

  • Momo:

    Adorable amigurumis! The frog is so cute with that smile, it makes me happy!

  • Super cute amigurumis! I love the frog!

  • ken:

    bb…got your msg, you won’t have to wait till Sept, I’ve bought tickets for 18th July..I’ll see you soon…<3

  • Hi Jo!
    Hope you’re fine!!
    I’ve done with my Sarubobos! (you can see them on my blog!).
    Thank you again for your help with the translation!!!

  • Lia:

    Jo!!! You’ve been so busy! They’re all so wonderful!!!! woooow….btw, I’d like to thank you for your absolutely wonderful gifts!!!!! arrckkkk sooo happy 🙂

  • Hello!
    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    Do you live in Japan now? I live near Tokyo.
    Having another crafty friend around here is great!
    Ask me if you have any question about crafts stuff here;)

  • Helen:

    they are too cute, i especially love the seagull! do you know if there’s an english version to the seagull pattern at all? i’ve been looking for one for ages and just can’t seem to find one!

  • Hi Jo!
    Hehe, they are super cute. Sea theme is exactly what I need right now. More ice cubes too!!

  • Hi Jo!
    Your frog and whale are so lovely! I like how you took pictures of them too:)
    I haven’t tried much Amigurumi yet. Actually I tried a couple of times, and failed:D Making dress is easier for me I guess…
    Would be nice to see you and do some crochet together sometime:)

  • fish lady:

    SO cute! I love them

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