Yesterday, today…


Did some more needle felting^_^
(and increasing number of wounds on my poor fingers T_T Ouch!)

Teddy & Origiri

Left: Origiri (Japanese rice ball)
Right: Teddy Bear (supposed to be) but looks more like a monster><

Teddy's bunny tail

I felt a bunny tail for the teddy! I reckon its back looks better 😀

Comparing the size

Remember Mikan San? Just trying to show the size differences here.

I think I should stick to basic shapes for now, my needle felting skill is obviously not enough to make animal shapes yet!

Oh, and this is totally unrelated – I found this gorgeous antique spoon while doing some last minute shopping!!

Wooden Spoon


To the sad part, I didn’t get on my schedule flight today – * double sigh *
Very very long story… didn’t get much sleep…
I’ll be at the airport again tomorrow…

Don’t you hate it when things don’t go according to plan? ><

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