Yet Another Bag

Yep, I’ve made another bag – a shoulder bag!! And this time with a bit of embroidery! *smile*

I’ve got a feeling that some day my room would be full of bags and pouches and I wouldn’t know what to do with them^0^

A day in the City

A day in the city with my new shoulder bag!

Shoulder Bag

I used Indian silk again! Love the texture!

Shoulder Bag - Inside view

Fits my art diary perfect!:D

Shoulder Bag - Front close-up

I embroid using red sashiko threads, trying to make it a bit more interesting!

Shoulder Bag - Back close-up

You can tell I really suck at embroidery, can’t you?!

The bag is from a pattern in リネンで雑貨 – ‘Linen Zakka’ (ISBN: 4579110412/ 9784579110414) except I added in the extra pen pocket.

I’ve been quite slack with blogging lately, I’m doing a bit of planning, and there’re a lot of stuff to take care of – life does get a bit stressful sometimes…
*de-stress de-stress de-stress* hopefully everything will all work out just fine!

I hope things are calmer and more relax at your end!

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