Garden updates

Despite the crazy weather in the long weekend, I’ve accomplished a lot, I got my worm farm set up on Saturday, finished my sewing machine cover project on Sunday, and on Monday, I did some gardening^0^

Well, I don’t exactly have a garden, instead I have a little front yard, and this is where I work on my gardening projects! Three weeks ago I bought some baby herbs and veggies at the Rozelle Market on impulse, I’ve re-planted them and since then they have grown so much!

The veggie bed is the home of two tomato plants, two species of beans and some mixed species in the capsicum family – that sounds like a lot, but they were all very small when I got them. But after just three weeks, the veggie bed looks so cramped.


Beginning of the veggie bed


Grown so much

You might notice that I also planted some spring onions!!! It’s a must for a Chinese kitchen!

Green tomatoes on vine

There even are baby tomatoes hanging on the vine, still pretty green, I hope they will ripen up nicely*v*

I feel very sorry for them, they look like they have no room to grow! So I decided to re-pot them!

Beans and capsicums

This huge pot is the new home for the bean and capsicum plants^^

New arrangement

This is the new arrangement! More space = happier plants!

Tomato plant flowering

More tomatoes! – soon to be 😀

Herb garden

My herb garden has also come a long way! What a difference!

  • yan:

    hey that’s a very nice sewing machine cover that u made!!!!
    It’s hard to believe that you took a long time to make it!!!!
    Do you drink 崩大碗?
    I’ve got a lot of those at home and they are really easy to grow. We started off with a few leaves (& roots) and now we have a potful of them. I got them from my friend in Melbourne!

    If you like it, I can give you some and you can grow them and the drink!

    • Jo:


      It took so so long. I swear I didn’t expect it to take that long either.. i didn’t sleep till 4am making the sewing machine cover considering that I started in the afternoon>< Oh and 崩大碗 I’ve never tried, you can teach me how to make the drink^^

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