A blogging break

Bye bye


It’s hard to say goodbye T_T, but I’m flying to Christchurch tomorrow and will be out of internet for a week. But I think it’s good to get away from work and everything once in a while and recharge!!

Passport cover
Oh and I get to use my newly made passport cover *v*/ Check out the tutorial here if you haven’t already!!

Hope everyone will have a wonderful week ^0^
See you in a week’s time!

  • yan:

    Hey~ I saw ur tutorial on the passport cover!!! The end product looks really really good!!
    The tutorial looks really complicated..> < I really admire your patience and determination with starting and finishing your projects!

    Hope you enjoy your holiday in NZ!!!! =D

    Have a safe flight tomorrow!

    • Jo:

      I just got back from NZ.. so tiring>< Was the instructions not clear enough?? Let me know, so I can make it better next time:)

  • Dana:

    Jo, I would love to reproduce your passport instructions on my crafty site with your permission. I hope you have a great trip. The site is crafthowtos.ning.com. Thanks

  • I *love* that cover! I just found your blog via a link to that cover and I would love to link to it as well if you didn’t mind. It’s so cute! Have a great break, I’m off to explore the rest of your blog…

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