I’m alive!! And in Japan!

It’s been such a long time I don’t even know where to begin!

OK, just so that this post is slightly craft related, let me show you my ONLY recent work 😛

Some kind of needle work

Shame on me >< hehe... But I actually wanted to show you where I live now, this is a view from my balcony, I know the background is a bit blurry, so here's a clearer photo~ Balcony View

The view is not exactly good. I live in some back streets and there is this printing factory next to my apartment, so it gets quite noisy as well…

Drug store

This is a family drug store on the same street as my apartment~ Drug stores are everywhere in Japan, they sell everything from medicines to cleaning products, to cosmetics! I’m a regular 😛

Power lines

Power lines are also very common in Japan, which is something I didn’t expect from such an advanced country!

Anyways, you can already tell that I don’t live in the most exciting suburb in Japan.. hahahaha~ And here’s a photo of my room with minimal furnitures!

My room

I’m attending Japanese language school everyday now, which takes up most of my time! I’m also doing freelance work but I hope I can find more time to craft and blog! It’s such a waste since craft supplies are so abundant here!

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