Instant Fun!

I mean instant fun with my new instant-film camera^3^

Say hello to my new gadget Instax Mini by Fujifilm!!!

Instax Mini

Doesn’t it look irresistibly cute?

This baby has such a clean & sleek design I couldn’t resist buying it when I saw it!
There’s a Hello Kitty Limited Edition – but I thought I’d pass :p

Instant Photos

Taking lots of snapshots with my new camera!

Love the credit card size photos and the self-shoot mirror!!

Instax Mini - Macro Lens

Also comes with a close-up lens – pretty thoughtful!? 😀

It’s been a rainy weekend in Sydney, a bit unmotivated! Still working on the Valentines tutorial – blame the rain! – Will post about it tomorrow (HOPEFULLY)!!

Hope your weekend has been fun and inspired! xx

  • Alex:

    Hi, just found your blog via 🙂
    I really want one of those チェキ cameras and can’t wait until I can buy them here in Germany!

  • I used to have one of the older versions of the Fujifilm Instax. THEY ARE AWESOME. The size of them are perfect for wallets! (I’ve got 3 in my wallet on rotation at the moment! lol)
    That design looks really awesome O_O – but I know the film is quite pricey tho, so I go through phases >.<

    • Jo:

      I know exactly what you mean! You can just take it and keep in your wallet.. how AWESOME!?

      I agree that the films are quite pricey >< Have you try ebay?? It's heaps cheaper than the shops!

  • This is so cute! It’s like if Apple made polaroid cameras, hehe. So is it just like a polaroid? I love digital cameras because you can take as many photos as you want (for free basically) but you just can’t beat old fashioned photos you can hold in your hand.


    • Jo:

      You are right! It’s got this Apple look to it!! heee:)

      It’s exactly the same as polaroid!! And it’s just so much fun that you can have the photo in your hand right away!

      But I do agree that the beauty of digital cameras is that you can take as many as you want – trial & error!!!

    • Erika – Thanks everyone! I agree, the last one is my fave too!Mandy, it’s all narutal light. I know it looks like studio, but it isn’t. I don’t do studio photography. I know it looks like I used a backdrop, etc. but she’s just sitting on the couch next to a big window. So in the last shot she sort of looking at the window

  • Alex:

    Hi again! Somehow I don’t see the reply you made to my comment here…but anyway, just want to say thanks for the eBay tip! I’ll have to calculate the cost just in case the custom office gets it before I do though – it might be even cheaper if I just buy it in Japan, since I’m going there this year anyway (^^)

    • Jo:

      Of course Japan would be even cheaper!
      But if in the future you need to buy more films! Ebay! ^0^ lol

  • gwen:

    ohhh so jealous! I’ve been eyeing these for awhile, can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    thanks for stopping by my blog :]

    • Jo:

      camera is one of my weakness hehe.. i always wanna buy new cameras!
      now after i have an instant camera, i want a lomo camera>< hehe Thanks for visiting too!

  • it’s really pretty!! i have a fujifirm instant camera too but my photos never have saturated colors. hahaha. lomo camera is good. i’m using LC-A+ and it’s really awesome. i wanna buy the mini Diana+ lomo camera. you should get one. inexpensive and pretty photos.

  • Yours is so much better than my instax mini 7! Do you have any idea where to get the close up lens?

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