My Collection

I didn’t play along last week’s My Place & Yours as there’s nothing exciting through my front door :p but this week’s I simply cannot pass. Why? because this is the theme that I’ve been wanting to choose – that is if I’m appointed as the theme queen…

This week’s theme comes from Kate over at Fox’s Lane :: My Collection ::

I’m definitely a collector!!
I collect many things… toys since childhood, stamps, coins, books, etc… but for this post, like Kate, I’m limiting myself to one of my collections – business cards.

The single rule that I have is: Must be from a restaurant/cafe that I’ve visited – anywhere in the world.

My Collection

This is just 1/5 of my collection!!!

I wanted to lay all my cards out, but then my table is not big enough, and I probably would need a very wide angle lens ^0^

Check out other fabulous collections over at Meet Me at Mikes.

Oh, and HaPpY ThAnKsGiViNg everyone!!!
Thank you for visiting!

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  • Kate:

    How did I miss this? I love your collection and I love its rule and I also love that this is the theme you would have chosen too. I bet there are some amazing memories in that stack.

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