My Secret Weapons

This week’s theme for My Place & Yours is A View of your Secret Weapon, chosen by theme queen My Bricole.

I had to think for a while… and I figured it is not possible for me to choose just one ^0^

My Secret Weapons

Japanese craft books – Endless inspirations! You can never have too many Japanese craft books! I’m slowly expanding my collection * v * hehe

Art diary – I’ve made a pretty cover for my art journal a while ago and since then I’ve been taking it everywhere with me!!

Are you armed with the same secret weapons as me?? ^_^
Thank you for reading and thanks Pip for hosting!

  • Nice~ I’m really curious about your art journal. Are you going to post some of your entries here?

    • Jo:

      art journal is a secret weapon wahahahaha~~~~ but my art journal isn’t really that interesting, i only use felt pen to draw ideas and stuff hehe – not colourful like yours, oh and I like your new banner btw ^0^

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