What’s on the shelf?

I love taking photos, so I’ve decided to join this fun meme called My Place & Yours by Pip over at Meet Me At Mike’s.

This week’s theme is :: On The Shelf ::

Toy shelf

When I think of shelf, I think of toys and figures!! This is a second hand shelf that my boyfriend recently bought for his toys… It’s very generous of him to let my dolls occupy a small section of it^0^

  • Ari and Cam were TOTALLY impressed by this shelf and spent a good 5 minutes naming all the figurines! I love it that amidst all the fellas there are a couple of dolls! Go girls! Thanks so much for playing – you shelves are complete awesomeness!!! xx

  • wow, I love your shelf!! Im very partial to the dolls, but I appreciate the more blokey stuff too!!

  • Jo:


    I reckon I should get more dolls and expand MY area!!!

  • Hi!
    I came across your blog from Lia’s space. You are sooo crafty and everything you made are sooo cute. hehe. I would want to stay longer at your blog and blog-line it as well. You have a Blythe! I ‘was’ a Momoko and Jenny fan and you can browse my blog if you like on the dresses I made for my dollies..

  • Marcel:

    I’m digging the setup. Where did you buy the display case?

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